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Define Your Company Avatar

This is your Workplace/Organisational Culture, your company's personality! It is to ensure all employees are aligned with the company’s values, beliefs, interactions, behaviours, and attitudes. This process involves

  • Working with leadership to define the company avatar – what does it look like?

  • Assessing the company vision, mission, and values– start again or relaunch

  • Assessing the Interactions – social events, celebrating success, employee belonging, conversations in the workplace

  • Assessing the Standards – how you operate, dress code, office aesthetics, customer service / centricity.

  • Communication rollout – delivering the message, introducing the avatar. Obtaining employee’s involvement, engagement, and alignment.  


Operational Framework


An operational framework is a guide to a company's policies, goals, standards, procedures, and training. We work with leadership to set out the way the company does business and promote a structure by creating, documenting, and implementing

  • Org structure

  • Company standards

  • Policies & procedures

Talent Strategy

Talent Management improves business performance. The aim of this strategy is to retain high performers, develop high potentials and attract quality skilled candidates.

For this, we consider:

  • Current capabilities

  • Future needs

  • Gap analysis

  • Workforce planning

  • Training needs analysis (TNA)

  • Succession planning

  • Build leadership pipeline

  • Employee value proposition (EVP)

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Job Analysis

This involves establishing the level of experience, qualifications, skills, knowledge, and talent needed to perform a position. As well as, identifying and determining duties, responsibilities, and specifications. Aspects of this includes:

  • Working with department leads/heads to identify a job position

  • Development of the job description

  • Development of KPI

Recruitment Drives

Effective recruitment and selection processes are essential for obtaining the right person (and organisational) fit, for optimising performance and productivity. The whole process is taken care of from sourcing through to on-boarding!

For this process, we conduct the following:

  • Briefing – a detailed briefing is conducted with the hiring manager to understand their specific needs. This can be done in person or you can complete a detailed questionnaire.

  • Sourcing - via HR Nurse networks and talent pipeline, headhunting and effective advertising.

  • Shortlisting rounds – screening face to face, video call or via phone interview.

  • Customised interview guides – determine technical and soft skills.

  • Final shortlist – quality and suitable candidates sent through to hiring manager with candidate pack (cover letter, resume, interview notes, assessments (if required), and reasons for recommendation)

  • Final decision – made by hiring manager. HR Nurse will co-ordinate interviews between hiring manager and selected candidates.

  • Pre Employment – salary negotiation, comprehensive and customised reference checks, background checks (police clearance, working rights verification, qualification confirmation, medicals (if required).

  • On boarding – an employee file is created with; collection of relevant documentation signed by the employee (contracts, policy, and legislative acknowledgement, super, tax, payroll information, employee details form) is sent through in a pack to hiring manager.

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Additional Options


Give your new employee the best experience and set them up for success! Working in collaboration with the new employee’s direct supervisor to develop a comprehensive 2-week induction/onboarding process. The finalised onboarding schedule is sent through to all relevant stakeholders involved. The new employee will receive their copy from their supervisor on day 1 of commencement.


Recruitment 101

For anyone involved in recruitment, it is a good idea to safeguard your company against any mishaps that can occur during the hiring process. We cover 6 key areas; how candidates are sourced, before the interview, during the interview, legislative requirements communicating outcomes, offering candidates.





HR 101

This session covers the basics and fundamentals of Human Resources in the workplace.


Knowledge and skills you will gain

  • The employee life cycle

  • What is Employee Relations

  • The legal stuff

  • Why policies and procedures are essential


Recruitment 101


For those that are involved in the hiring process, this session ensures that your leaders, recruitment, and selection processes comply with relevant law.


Knowledge and skills you will gain:

  • The recruitment process

  • The Unconscious Bias

  • 3 parts of an interview

  • Can you ask that?

  • Legislative requirements

Anti-Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment

Equip your managers with knowledge on Anti-Discrimination, Bullying & Harassment to alleviate discriminatory and inappropriate behaviours in the workplace. 


  • Knowledge and skills you will gain

  • Understanding the Anti-Discrimination,

  • Harassment & Bullying policy, and definitions

  • Mitigating the risk

  • Manager responsibilities

  • Key roles

  • Resolution process

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Performance Management Essentials

Upskill your managers with the tools to have effective coaching and performance management conversations.

  • Knowledge and skills you will gain

  • Common performance issues

  • How to initiate and have challenging conversations

  • 5 steps on planning a discussion

  • How to use and develop an effective PIP

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

  • Preparing for reviews

  • The why, how, and what to put on review forms

  • 2-way conversation

  • The Unconscious Bias

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Emotional Intelligence and the Leader

Emotional Intelligence measures how you relate to yourself and others. Having well-developed interpersonal skills is a leadership essential. Being self-aware of emotions in different situations and how you respond will result in the outcome or how it plays out. Learning to assess and manage your emotional intelligence will enable you to respond appropriately.


Knowledge and skills you will gain:

  • Understand the five elements that makeup EI

  • Low EI vs. Hugh EI

  • The common negative emotions experienced in the workplace

  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

  • Strategies to Manager EI

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Conflict in the workplace can destroy good teamwork. When you don't manage it effectively, real and legitimate differences between people can quickly get out of control, which can consequently be an irretrievable breakdown in communication.


Knowledge and skills you will gain: 

  • Common conflicts in the workplace

  • Perceptions

  • Strategies to manage conflict


Communicating for Leadership Success

Communicate effectively and spark action in others.

Coaching for Peak Performance

Handle proactive and reactive coaching discussions, this course helps leaders have more effective and efficient interactions.

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This globally proven learning tool is designed to improve teamwork, collaboration, productivity, and sales.

  • Why are you like that

  • Why are we doing this

In-house 1-Day Sessions