What does HR Nurse do?

We provide HR support and solutions to clients throughout Australia and across all industries to ensure their HR functions and processes are in good health.

What is it like to partner with HR Nurse?

Our approach is to of build cultivating, productive, and genuine partnership. We aim to deliver practical and strategic solutions. If there is something that is not required, we will not suggest it. Our recommendations are based purely on individual business needs. We do not offer generic templates as there is “no one size fits all”, everything is customised to suit our clients branding and culture. 

Who do you partner with?

Start-up and small to medium size businesses of up to 200 employee headcount.

Do you work with companies that exceed 200 employee headcount?

Yes, we do. We support projects that require a specific skill set or experience that the in-house HR team have not had as much exposure to or do not have the capacity to focus on such as design development and implementation of frameworks including:

  • Performance reviews

  • Performance management

  • Succession planning

  • Recruitment

  • On-boarding and much more!

Do you offer long term partnerships?

Absolutely! We have some great HR Health Insurance (membership) options. This takes care of all:

  • Set up of and maintaining HR systems

  • Employee file audit and maintenance 

  • Onsite, phone & email support 

  • On/Off-boarding employees 

  • HR correspondence to employees

What are some other HR activities that you do?

  • Workplace investigations and case management

  • Solve complex issues and difficult people matters

  • Facilitate conflict resolution

  • Develop new and update existing HR policies and procedures

  • Remuneration review

  • Coaching and workshops for supervisors

Why is it so important to have HR, even as a start up or smaller business?

To ensure regulatory compliance is met. Australian employment law is very complex.  

There is the employment relationship (hiring, managing, terminating), industrial instruments, NES, workers on visas and safety to consider. There are some hefty fines if employers breach any of the above. We have extensive knowledge with interpreting legislation, awards, policies, and procedures.

What is your fee structure?

We have many different flexible options based on the size of the business and the level of HR support required. If it's not listed, let talk about it and what your needs are. When we say flexible, we mean it!


We offer memberships (HR Health Insurance) that include:

  • Unlimited hotline advice 

  • Unlimited onboarding of new employees

  • Unlimited salary benchmarking guidance 

  • Client resources portal (coming soon)

Why should you choose HR Nurse?

There are so many options out there. You need to find not just an outsourced provider, but also an advisor that you will connect with.

HR Nurse has a unique set of skills that differentiates us from our competitors.

This combination of industry exposure, soft and technical skills has armed us with an abundance of knowledge to enable us to deliver excellent results.

We have had hands-on experience with the operational, transactional, and strategic functions of human resources.

We have worked in sales, retail, mining, construction, manufacturing, and wholesale environments.

We are

  • An accredited Facilitator of the Leadership Development program.

  • A certified Facilitator of Personality Profiling tools

  • Members of relevant HR industry bodies

  • Covered by professional indemnity insurance  

  • Adaptable to different stakeholder groups and deliver advice that is easy to digest and jargon-free!

We have a good sense of humour and work hard to deliver results!

Our extensive research into competitor offers ensure our clients receive quality as well as value. This means

  • No lock-in contracts

  • If you don’t need it, we will tell you. If you need it, we explain why

  • Affordable and realistic pricing

  • No generic templates, everything is customised for your individual business

  • You won’t get palmed off to different advisors, the same dedicated HR professional will partner with you the whole way

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