How It Works

Our easy 4 steps 

Human Resources Health Check

ensures your company’s wellness is maintained.

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Our Human Resources Health Check takes only

5 minutes to complete online,

and you receive your

obligation free report within 48 hours.

HR Health Insurance

Have peace of mind knowing your business is covered and you meet your legal obligations as an employer.

  • We structure your HR system.

  • Maintain your employee files.

  • Manage all HR correspondence.

  • On/Off-board employees.

  • Provide onsite, phone & email support to supervisors

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From $500 Per Month

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Essential Cover

Premium Cover

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HR Health Check

Complete your details below to receive your results and obligation free precription

Health Check

See what your current HR Health is for your business via the online questionnaire


We will send you

your results and an Obligation Free prescription (quote).

Administer Treatment

If you opt to "fill" your prescription (accept quote)

we then move to 

administering treatment

(applying HR services

customised to your

individual business needs).

Post Treatment Care

We keep in touch to

check in on how you are doing.

You may choose to take out

HR Health Insurance

to ensure your

business HR wellbeing 

is maintained.

On completion of the HR Health check, you will receive a Safe Zone & Risk Report. This will summarise what you are doing great and any relevant areas that require attention.

You will receive this within 48 hours of submitting your answers. In addition, we will include an obligation free prescription (quote) of how we can support you to work through any high-risk issues and what we can do to ensure greater protection against any potential risks.

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Emergency HR Services

There may be times when emergency situations arise. HR Nurse is always on call to assist you with

​your critical needs such as:

  • Advice hotline

  • Assisting with timely difficult discussions

  • Guidance & quick action on urgent people process 

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  HR Private Billing   

Need something developed?


We have one off projects

available when required.


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