Running your business is what you do best

Human Resources is what we do best

Founded by Sian Natasha in 2018, Sian has an extensive background in Human Resources across the retail, mining, construction, manufacturing and wholesale industries as a true generalist. She holds an assortment of qualifications and accreditation's in HR as well as training, facilitation and personality profiling tools. With a passion for customer service and enthusiasm to see others succeed, she set about to create a remedy for her clients. Human Resources Nurse was born.

Sometime you don’t need a doctor, you just need a nurse. Nurses care for their patient, maintains their

well-being and provides a level of support doctors just don’t have the time for.

Human Resources Nurse will partner with you as an extension to your business to ensure your people strategy is not only compliant, but nurtured in a way that is meaningful. A HR Manager with its army of officers can be costly and clinical in their approach. As a start up or small to medium size business, you don’t need to invest in a permanent employee that will eat away your precious time and money.

HR is a support function, so why not call on them when necessary? Human Resources Nurse is not your typical HR practitioner, we operate on a personable level and connect with our clients to deliver exceptional customer service. 

If you are looking for a trusted advisor who will partner with you, your business and employees, get in touch with Human Resources Nurse today for your obligation free health check