Vital Kit Name

Recruitment Kit 1

Recruitment Kit 2

Contracts Kit

Grievance Handling Kit 

New Starter Kit

On-boarding Kit

Off-boarding Kit

Parental Leave Kit

Performance Management Kit

Performance Review Kit

Working From Home Kit

  • Recruitment Procedure

  • Interview Guide

  • Candidate Evaluation form

  • Reference Check Guide

  • Job Description template 

  • Job Advertisement template structure 

  • Recruitment Kit 1

  • Email Offer template

  • Letter of Offer template

  • Contract of Employment (FT,PT,FTC)

  • Contractor Agreement

  • Grievance Handling Policy & Procedure

  • Grievance Fact Sheet

  • Employee Grievance Form

  • Grievance Appeal Form

  • Induction Checklist

  • Welcome Email template

  • Payroll Compliance documents

  • Mandatory Fair Work Statements   

  • Employment Details Form (EDF)

  • 1- or 2-week complete induction plan to get new employees set up for success

  • Process & Communication templates for all involved in welcoming inductees

  • Resignation Acceptance letter/email template

  • Resignation Process checklist

  • Separation Letter template

  • Exit Interview template

  • Option to have customised Exit Interview Survey via online and have reports sent through

  • Parental Leave Policy

  • Parental Leave Application Form

  • Confirmation of Parental Leave Letter

  • Application to vary leave within the initial 12 months 

  • Extension of Parental Leave Approval Letter

  • Extension of Parental Leave Refusal Letter

  • Confirmation of Return From Parental Leave Letter

  • Performance Management Procedure

  • Letter requesting to attend counselling session for performance

  • Record of Conversation (ROC) template 

  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

  • Letter confirming performance warning

  • Performance Review Policy & Procedure 

  • Probation Review template

  • Probation (successful) Letter template

  • Probation (unsuccessful) Letter template

  • Annual Performance Review template 

  • Individual Development Plan (IDP)

  • Option to have a Performance Review Guide presentation to prepare supervisors for the process, or attend a consider our Conducting Effective Performance Reviews workshop

  • WFH Policy

  • WFH Guidelines for Employees

  • WFH Checklist

  • WFH Agreement Form