Outsourcing is the new black!

A HR Manager with its army of officers can be costly and clinical in their approach. As a small to medium size business, you don’t need to invest in a permanent employee that will eat away your precious time and money. HR is a support function, so why not call on them when necessary instead of having them make up empty tasks to fill in the time.

Do you know how much a mid-level generalist HR Advisor employed on a perm basis would cost per year?

* Salary $100,000

* Super $9,500

* Annual leave $7693

* Personal leave $3846

* Public holidays (13) $4992

* Bonuses (10%) $10,000

* Compulsory worker’s compensations (e.g. 5%) $5,000

* Payroll tax (5.5%) $5,500

* Tools – phone, laptop $4,000

Eeeek that is a whopping $150,000!!

We have not even touched on the recruitment and on-boarding cost (time & money)!!

Do you know what the cost would be if you didn’t have HR?

* Compliance breaches resulting in costly and time consuming penalties

* Employee grievances not handled correctly resulting in costly and time consuming claims

* Your company reputation

HR departments in the workplace are going out of fashion like paper in an office.

It's like Uber for HR yeah?