Do you have a WORKING FROM HOME POLICY to protect your business?

As Australia's COVID-19 infected numbers continue to climb, more employees are being directed or requesting to work from home.

It is essential that you, as an employer and your employees, ensure that health and safety remains a core focus at all times.

As an employer, have you protected yourself by having the right protocols in place to mitigate any risk of incidents or hazards occurring at an employee’s home?

Any home based work is seen as an extension of the primary workplace, so employee requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984) to take reasonable care of their own health and safety is the same at home as is would be at the workplace.

If any incidents were to transpire in an employee’s home during work hours, you may run the risk of costly comp claims should a formalised policy and procedure not be in place.

To take precautionary measures, you will require a Working from Home Policy but also, you need to be able to visually evaluate that the home work space setting is compliant and that you conduct a risk assessment.

HR Nurse can support you to safeguard your business and employees by providing you the tools for;

° Working from Home Policy

° Risk Assessment checklist and procedure

Contact HR Nurse for your cost effective package to manage employees while Working from Home.